Review on - Is ChnLove Real or Fake?

ChnLove - #1 Trusted International Dating Site
ChnLove - #1 Trusted International Dating Site

Any western male who desires to date Chinese ladies should definitely know, one of the leading international dating sites. Since the establishment in 1998, this premium site has collected millions of members and also received different reviews, both positive and negative. Seen from an impartial perspective, ChnLove is not a scam. It is just a dating platform, offering the guys in need opportunity to fulfill their dreams - Seeking perfect matches in China!

How Do I Come to Conclusion That ChnLove is Not A Scam?

First of all, thousands of members who have been successfully matched up with someone from China. There are names, photos, Thank You Letters, marriage certificates and lot of other evidence which proves that these people really found love via this website. Visit the site and you can find many touching love stories.

Secondly, ChnLove allows its members to request the contact information from the lady. However, the certain members have to meet the following criteria for security purpose:Only members with a good track record as well as the Qpid Seal can request contact information. In addition, you must have sent at least ten EMF mails to the lady (the first introductory EMF using Bonus point is not included) and received at least 10 replies from her.

Do Not Follow the Herd If You Want to Find Out the Truth Behind ChnLove!

Scam!Chnlove has no difference from other dating sites. For those members who are not that serious in building a relationship, they might consider ChnLove is a scam. They always complain“I paid some money, so where is my wife?”! How can online dating be that simple?! Can selling out a couple hundred or even a couple thousand dollars bring you a beautiful Chinese wife. Of course not! Love needs time, patience, communication and understanding. Someone even just writes several sentence in his profile. Then, this guy must register for fun or killing time and loneliness. Clarity what kind of Chinese lady you really want, take initiative to search until you find the one of your dream!

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